Gimistory opens with lots of laughs

Gimistory, now held during Cayfest in April instead of its former date in November, opened on Monday night with a packed audience at West Bay Public Beach.

With over 20 performers, some as young as 10, the performances were varied and entertaining. Regular favourites including visiting performer Ken Corsbie and Divinie Bush kept the laughs coming while the children, as hilarious as many of them were, also received applause for their courage and professionalism as they took the stage.

A team from Heritage High, who won gold at the National Children’s Festival of the Arts, performed their award-winning performance poem Twistable, Turnable Man, while the Powery children kept it in the family as cousins Zachary, Angelica, Aliana and Jessica all performed an amusing family skit together.

Children weren’t just onstage, either. Longtime Gimistory performer Mr. Corsbie commented that he had never seen so many children in attendance at a Gimistory before.

Music mixed with performance as Brad Pattico, visiting from Belize, took to the stage on his guitar and harmonica with Louis McWilliams on drums, who also performed at the beginning and end of the night with his band the David Bareaux group, of which he is the artistic director.

Rita Estevanovich interacted with the crowd as an emcee and kept the pace moving. She also reminded audiences that for the first time, this year’s fry fish, frittas and swanky would be competing in a competition to walk away with the title of Best Fry Fish, Frittas and Swanky this year.

Headed by Brenda Bush, the West Bay Community Council team cooked up enough fry fish and frittas to feed a small army and fellow team members Eziethamae Bodden, Brenda Timothy, Lillis Harvey and Jeana Ebanks took their turns over the hot stove.

The stage was positioned idyllically under the seagrape trees and lit with floodlights positioned under palm trees. Wooden chairs lined the sand and those who arrived too late to snag a coveted seat sat on the beach surrounding the stage or brought their own lawn chairs to relax in while they enjoyed some free entertainment.

Gimistory will continue this weekend with a performance at Smith Cove tonight at 7pm. The performance will also be the theme night of Gimistory – duppy night – and is not to be missed.