Self Help Foundation assists students

This year the request for student financial assistance has already showed signs of being record setting.

There have been several approaches made but not all as formal as required about the assistance package offered by the New Self Help Community Foundation. However two part-time students at UCCI have secured a grant to attend UCCI Summer Classes.

This pair represents the second consecutive year the Foundation has assisted two students with summer classes.

Mikhail McLaughlin and Sherelle Clarke are on scholarship, but their scholarships exclude summer classes, so the Foundation’s Board has approved funds that will allow the pair to attend summer classes at UCCI.

Self-Help Foundation CEO JC Connor remarked, ‘We are very pleased that the Foundation is able to assist our youth in recognizing their full potential’.

The scholarships are part of the Foundation’s Youth Empowerment Programme. ‘We hope that by recognizing the needs of our youth and helping them reach their full potential, more young persons in our society will achieve success,’ said Former Chairman James Myles