Sister Islands flights resume

Cayman Airways Express resumed operations into the Sister Islands on Friday afternoon, 1 May.

A leased Twin Otter aircraft arrived on Grand Cayman Friday morning and will remain until the mechanical repairs are completed on both of the airline’s own Twin Otters which are out of commission due to mechanical difficulties.

The airline said the two aircraft were expected to be back in service within two weeks.

Some changes will be made to the regular schedule for Cayman Airways Express, but for the most part, flights will be operating as previously scheduled.

Passengers who had previous reservations have all been contacted and re-booked accordingly.

‘Our Sister Islands customers are very important to us and we are pleased to get our Express service back in operation,’ said Cayman Airways CEO Designate Olson Anderson.

Acting Chairman of the CAL Board of Directors , Johnny Brown, added: ‘It was a tremendous team effort to locate a replacement aircraft in such a short space of time for our valued Sister Islands customers, and we do apologise for any inconveniences caused to them.’