Election Day approaching

As Election Day approaches those who are eligible to vote and wish to do so have already registered.
It’s a process that begins when a Caymanian citizen living in the country turns 18.
It can also begin when an expatriate with Caymanian Status is naturalised.
Those who aren’t eligible to vote are expatriates or Caymanians who are serving a prison sentence under the death penalty, serving a prison sentence of more than 12 months, anyone deemed as certified insane, those who have been disqualified for registration as an elector .
All registered voters who intend to vote by postal ballot or at a mobile polling station should have applied in advance, Supervisor of Elections Kearney Gomez advises.
Because a mobile station will go to the voter, elderly or handicapped persons may no longer apply for postal ballots. They should apply to vote at a mobile station. Only persons who will be overseas on Election Day may apply for a postal ballot.

Completed applications were due by 7 May.
For mobile station voters, the Elections Office will publish the list of all applicants and, within the 12 days leading up to Election Day, will publish the schedule for the mobile stations in each district.
Persons voting by postal ballot may send it back by regular post or by courier.  

How to vote
There are 17 polling divisions throughout the six electoral districts. 
Once you register to vote and provide your street address the Elections Office will assign you to a polling division. On Election Day you will have to attend this assigned polling division and you will be directed to your polling station.  The presiding officer, after you have shown your Elector Registration card or otherwise identified yourself, will provide you with a ballot paper.  You will be instructed on election voting procedures. You will then enter a poll booth and mark your ballot paper by putting an X to the right of the candidate or candidates’ names that you are voting for.  In the case of
• North Side -you can vote for 1 candidate only
• East End – you can vote for 1 candidate only
• Cayman Brac & Little Cayman – you may vote for up to 2 candidates
• Bodden Town – you may vote for up to 3 candidates
• West Bay – you may vote for up to 4 candidates
• George Town – you may vote for up to 4 candidates
You must hand your ballot paper to the presiding officer who will then detach the counterfoil and return the ballot paper to you for you to deposit it into the ballot box. After doing so, you will then leave the polling station through the referendum station.
The referendum voting process is similar to the election process, however, in all electoral districts you may vote for one answer only by placing an X.

Polls in all 6 electoral districts open promptly at 7am and close at 6pm.

If you do not have an elector’s registration card or have lost it, this in no way restricts you from voting on Election Day.  Once you satisfy the presiding officer and poll clerks that you are the person whose name appears in the register of electors you will be issued a ballot paper.

According to Law you can vote only in one electoral district and at one polling station in the same electoral district. Your polling division will be assigned at the time of registration and you can only vote at a polling station within that polling division.

It should take you no longer than 4 minutes to vote. Sufficient polling stations are provided to comfortably accommodate a 100 per cent electoral turnout in all electoral districts.

You may accompany an elector into a polling station only as a witness.  You cannot enter the poll booth to assist that elector in marking his or her ballot paper.  Electors needing assistance will have to obtain such assistance from the presiding officer who will mark the ballot paper as directed by the elector in your presence.

Disabled persons and senior citizens will be immediately escorted to the head of the queue and special poll booths are provided in all polling stations for your convenience.  The Presiding Officer will also assist you with marking your ballot paper if so requested. You will be required to take an oath /solemn affirmation in Form 25.

Once you have been issued a postal ballot you cannot vote again at a polling station. All Presiding Officers and Poll Clerks will be advised that you have already voted by postal ballot.

The voting method used in the Cayman Islands is known as the multiple X voting system and is used in many countries worldwide especially in Commonwealth countries.