Mother’s Day concert gets political

It has emerged that some apparently mischievous UDP supporters made attempts to sabotage a recent Carlene Davis Mother’s Day concert organised by the PPM.

According to Tommy Cowan, husband of the renowned singer, several calls were made advising the entertainer and her entourage to not come to Cayman or their visit would be met with protest.

Mr. Cowan also stated he believed additional calls were made to the Jamaica House (the prime minister’s residence) concerning the trip and why the gospel artist should not bother to come to Cayman.

When asked about his knowledge of any such calls, United Democratic Party Leader McKeeva Bush said, ‘I know absolutely nothing of any such calls being made. I would not encourage or support that kind of behaviour.’

He said the only time his team had contact with the singer’s management was to try to schedule a show. They were told at the time Mrs. Davis was unavailable. Mr. Bush explained that he had no idea the singer was being booked by the PPM.

The UDP went on with other artists for its Mother’s Day concert, which Mr. Bush said was a huge success and well attended.

Mr. Cowan said he found the incidents quite amusing and wanted to stress that he believed the callers were merely political party supporters and did not have any particular marching orders. He encouraged Caymanians to continue to pray for the country and added that everytime he comes to these shores he is impressed by how unique the island is.

He said he and his wife Carlene Davis have no party affiliation in Cayman and the concert was not a political rally, but rather a tribute to mothers and an opportunity to preach the gospel.