Update: Cayman Votes

Cayman Islands voters appeared to slacken the pace around mid-day as vote counts started slowing slightly from what was seen Wednesday morning.

Cayman Islands Election 2009

Queues outside outside polling stations in George Town early on Wednesday. Photo Norma Connolly

More than half of all registered voters had cast their ballots in the Islands’ general elections by 1pm, according to data on the Elections Office website.

The heaviest turnout, judging by percentages of eligible voters, was occurring in the districts of East End, Bodden Town and North Side through the mid-way point of the voting.

The total number of registered voters in the Cayman Islands for the 2009 elections is 15,361.

Cayman Islands Elections 2009

EARLY VOTER: North Side independent candi-date Oswell Rankine leaves the North Side Primary School after casting his vote in the 2009 General Elections. Early morning voting was steady as people parked their cars on the roadside and made their way to the polling station. Photo: Tammie C. Chisholm 

Voting locations opened across the three Islands at 7am as Caymanians went to the polls to choose their new government.

Polls will close at 6pm.

Things seemed to be off to a smooth start in the voting districts early this morning.

However, later in the day, some problems were reported after voters near George Town Primary School were handed cards with candidates names and ballot numbers on them.

Both supporters and the candidates themselves were seen participating in the activity.

The Elections Office was forced to set up an information desk just outside the “exclusion zone” —feet from the polling location — at the school.

Election Supervisor Kearney Gomez visited the polling station around noon to ask candidates and supporters of the Peoples Progressive Movement and the United Democratic Party not to hand out election materials on polling day.

Under the Elections Law, no canvassing can be done on Election Day.

In West Bay, elections workers at the John Cumber Primary School polling station reported voters showing up early with more than a dozen people casting their ballots by 7.15am.

Long lines of voters could be seen outside both Cumber Primary and John Grey United Church Hall.

It did appear that some voters that participated in the general election had not cast ballots in the constitutional referendum.

By mid-day there was an “under vote” on the constitutional referendum of somewhere around 550 votes, according to Elections Office figures. In other words, about 550 people who had voted in the general election had apparently opted not to vote in the referendum on Caymans constitutional modernisation.

West Bay district saw the largest drop off in votes on the constitutional referendum through mid-day, although most voters said it was not difficult casting the referendum ballot.

“It was nice, I really enjoyed it”, said West Bayer Nicole Ritch. “I just went from one booth, did my thing there, went to the next booth, did my thing there and it was over.”

In George Town, queues appeared outside polling stations early. There were more than 20 people lined up outside Cayman Prep Kindergarten.

Election officials did a 30 second countdown to the opening of the polling station before ushering voters in.

The road outside George Town Primary School parking lot was packed with cars as the early morning voters headed to the polls.

The Elections Office main counting station at the Family Life Centre in George Town opened at 4am. The office reported that ballots for both the constitutional referendum and the general elections were shipped out on schedule.

In case people are confused about where to go, a list of registered electors has been posted at local supermarkets, gas stations and district post offices to advise voters. Voters must go to assigned polling stations only.

Many of the polling locations have tents set up nearby with volunteers checking voting lists and advising voters where to attend.

The list of voters can also be accessed at the Elections Office website, www.elections.ky.

The voting locations across the three Islands are listed below:

SAVNEW = Savannah Primary School, 1659 Shamrock Rd ?Station 1- surnames A-E; Station 2- surnames F-O; Station 3- surnames P-Z

BTE = Bodden Town Primary School, 6 Condor Rd1- surnames A-L; Station 2- surnames M-Z

BTW = The Grounds, 199 Agricola Drive

Station 1- surnames A-G; Station 2- surnames H-P; Station 3- surnames Q-Z

The main count is at the James M. Bodden Civic Centre, 445C Bodden Town Road.

CBE1 = Creek Primary School, 28C Student Drive1- surnames A-Z

CBE2 = Spot Bay Primary School, 107B Spot Bay Road

Station 2- surnames A-Z

CBW&LC = West End Primary School, 10A West End Road East ?Station 1- surnames A-L; Station 2- surnames M-Z

The main count is at the District Administration Building, 19 Kirkconnell Street.

GTN = Victory Tabernacle, 325 Eastern Avenue1-surnames A-L; Station 2- surnames M-Z

GTW = Prep Kindergarten School, 242 Smith Road ?Station 1- surnames A-L; Station 2- surnames M-Z

GTE = Red Bay Primary School, 271 Shamrock Road?Station 1- surnames A-E; Station 2- surnames F-P; Station 3- surnames Q-Z

GTC = George Town Primary School, 42 Gresscott Lane?Station 1- surnames A-G; Station 2- surnames H-P; Station 3- surnames Q-Z

GTS = George Hicks High School Hall, 73 Academy Way ?Station 1- surnames A-I; Station 2- surnames J-Z

PROSP = Prospect Primary School, 169 Poindexter Road

Station 1- surnames A-G; Station 2- surnames H-Q; Station 3- surnames R-Z

The main count is at Mary Miller Hall, 223A Shamrock Road.

NS = North Side Primary School, 907 North Side Road

Station 1- surnames A-L; Station 2- surnames M-Z

The main count is at the Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre, 923 North Side Road.

EE = William Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre, 80 John McLean Drive.

Station 1- surnames A-L; Station 2- surnames M-Z

The main count is also at this civic centre.

WBNW = New Testament Church of God, 28A Boatswain Bay Road?Station 1- surnames A-F; Station 2- surnames G-Z

WBE = Church of Christ, 24 Batabano Road ?Station 1- surnames A-G; Station 2- surnames H-Z

WBC = John A. Cumber Primary School, 44 Fountain Road ?Station 1- surnames A-F; Station 2- surnames G-Z

WBS = John Gray United Church Hall, 26 West Church Street

Station 1-surnames A-H; Station 2-surnames I-Z

The main count will be at the John A. Cumber Primary School Hall, 44 Fountain Road.