Film workshop deadline today

The registration deadline for the Cayman Islands Film Commission’s Crew Certification Workshop has been extended to today, Wednesday, 27 May.

The crew training workshop, which is being held from Friday, 29 May, to Sunday, 31 May, at the Westin Casuarina Resort, will feature presenters David H. Lyman, founder and director of Media Workshops International, a New York-based company that conducts training for filmmakers and photographers.

The guest presenter is Bob Del Valle, a line producer and production manager with more than 20 years’ experience in film and TV.

The Film Crew Certification Training Programme Series is designed to prepare Caymanians for careers in the film industry.

Sessions will include topics such as Keys to Unlocking your Creative Potential; How Films are Made; The Production Meeting and an ending question and answer session to address questions that come up, pointers on résumé writing for the industry and building a portfolio.

The workshop costs CI $125 per person.

People who want to register should call 945-0943 or email [email protected].