Barca fans have plenty to gloat about

Okay, I admit it that my prediction that Manchester United would win the Champions League against Barcelona was totally askew.

All the Spaniards in Cayman have the right to gloat. And some of them did, especially triathlete Carlos ‘Chuck’ Cobo.

He joined me at Café Med to watch the first half on Wednesday afternoon before leaving at half-time to join Spanish mates Santiago Villanueva and Santiago Campo at Villanueva’s home in South Sound.

Carl Brown, Cayman’s national football technical director was in Café Med along with national team captain Thomas Elliot and international players Phillip Berry and Nikolai Hill.

All fancied Manchester United, especially Brown who loves the team with a passion.

With the British reputation for football hooliganism still strong, Cobo joked before kick off that he hoped if United won he would not get beaten up. We just wanted to beat up the United players for playing so poorly.

United lived up to our expectations for the first 10 minutes but after the Eto’o goal they lost they way.

Messi’s header sealed it and exposed the best of English as an over-hyped side whose best player, Ronaldo, acted like the big kid he really is.

‘They should have started with Tevez,’ moaned Brown. Consensus was that United were poorest in midfield.

A jubilant Cobo said: ‘Not only do we have the best club team in the world and are European champions, we have the best cyclists on earth too. Our boys are reigning Tour, Giro, and Vuelta champs. We’re also reigning Davis Cup champs. There’s so much that it’s tough to remember it all.

‘All three of us in the photo are Cayman Islands residents and Spanish citizens, and all with 100 per cent Spanish blood.

‘I’m 100 per cent Cantabrian blood, Villanueva is 100 per cent Galician blood and Campo is Saragossan blood. The others were born and raised in Spain, and I was born and raised in New York City. We’re toasting the victory with cava from the black bottle of Freixenet in the photo.’