Getting there safely

We have to appreciate the expertise of the CAL pilots and engineering team.

The pilots have a great responsibility in the lives of the passengers; however, it is seldom that we give thanks to those who have to endure long hours sometimes from the early afternoon into the early morning hours to ensure that the planes are safe for flight.

I am speaking of course of the CAL engineering department or maintenance.

We have seen in the recent months the added certification of about a half dozen of the technicians there and we can trust that the work on those planes is of the highest standard. I can only remember people being irate when the planes are delayed due to routine problems or engine checks.

Passengers get upset that they have missed time schedules and the like; but we must always remain thankful that we have such talented flight crews and maintenance personnel that will always strive to get us there safely. Thanks CAL Maintenance! I appreciate you.

Mon Watler