Bloodbath in Jamaica

ST. CATHERINE, Jamaica – Wednesday’s rampage across the Corporate Area has claimed the lives of at least four persons, while six others are nursing gunshot wounds following separate incidents involving the police and gunmen.

The blood trail began in Independence City, Portmore, St Catherine, where a higgler, Ricardo Williams, alias ‘Tilly’, was chased and cornered by two men on a motorcycle, who shot him several times.

Several minutes later there were reports that two men allegedly took on the police along the Port Royal Road, Kingston. Both were shot. At press time, the status of Tafari Murphy, alias ‘Tito’, was unknown, while Jones Town strongman, Joseph Barrett, who is popularly known as ‘Joe Benbow’, was dead.

The lawmen say they seized two illegal guns.

Later in the afternoon, a policeman was among three persons shot along Church Street, downtown Kingston, by gunmen travelling in a car. One of the three later succumbed to his injuries.

Violence also erupted in the hotbed of Mountain View Avenue, where four persons were shot, one fatally.

While it is unsure how the four were shot, allegations are that gunmen invaded Jacques Crescent, killing 19-year-old Kirk Hussy. It is alleged that three women who attempted to assist Hussy were also shot.

“We are tired of the shooting in the place and when the shot them started to fire is in the bath tub mi jump, it must stop now, we need peace,” remarked Casandra Drakes.

Her views were echoed by Ann-Marie Lynch, a social worker in the area, who says that she tries to bring peace to the community

“Kirk should not be dead, he is not a troublemaker and he plays for the United Mountain View football team. He was a good youth so they should not kill him, we really need the peace to be sustained in the community,” she said.

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