Cayman Airways CEO plans still in place

Plans are still afoot to promote Cayman Airways’ chief executive officer designate Olson Anderson to the top position despite a querying of his status at a recent media press briefing.

The status of Mr. Anderson was asked of Leader of Government Business and the Minister responsible for Tourism McKeeva Bush last week.

While Mr. Bush said he did not have full facts on the subject, he added, ‘what I do know is that the requirement for the CEO to be appointed must come with the OK from the Civil Aviation Authority and my understanding was that there was no approval and the last government made no mention of it and did nothing about it.’

Mr. Bush, who was speaking at the post-Cabinet press briefing, noted that Mr. Anderson is still in place and was working alongside the Acting CEO Gilles Filiatreault.

Clarifying the issue last week, Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority Richard Smith said the authority is required to approve an accountable manager from Cayman Airways who meets the aviation requirements of the Overseas Territories.

‘This may or may not be the CEO of the company. That’s a company decision,’ he noted.

‘Mr. Filiatreault has been presented as the accountable manager who meets the requirements and currently who has got approval from the CAA.’

So, at this point, Mr. Smith said, it is not an issue for the CAA because an accountable manager has been approved.

When asked what would happen if Mr. Filiatreault were to leave, Mr. Smith said, ‘It would be expected that Cayman Airways would present a candidate for accountable manager who meets the criteria as prescribed in the Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements.’

The Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements are prescribed by Air Safety Support International who gets its mandate from the UK Department of Transport to ensure the UK’s obligations to the International Civil Aviation Organisation are met.

In September 2008, Mr. Filiatreault was announced as Cayman Airways acting CEO and Mr. Anderson as the CEO designate following the departure of the former CEO, Patrick Strasburger.

Cayman Airways’ Manager of Corporate Communications Olivia Scott-Ramirez confirmed last week that the plan was still for Mr. Anderson to take over as CEO.

Mr. Bush spoke in praise of Mr. Anderson at the press briefing.

‘I can tell you this, that at all times Mr. Anderson has been very courteous, he has been very professional to me and answered any question that I had, even when I was on the opposition bench, as much as he could answer.’

Referring to the recent resignation of members of the Cayman Airways board, Mr. Bush said, ‘When I took office, the board chairman and most of them had resigned and some resigned since then. The correct thing for boards to do on the change of an administration that appointed them, the right protocol is that the board should resign then. That is the laudable thing to do.

‘Then it is left for the government to say ‘Will you reconsider your resignation?’ or the government accepts. So that had happened with the board.’

A new board has been appointed under the new chairman, Jude Scott.

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