The CI Chamber of Commerce Environmental Pledge

As leader in the financial industry and  a prime tourist destination, we have an obligation to do our part to preserve our environment, A healthy, proactive environmentally aware society reaps benefits for all – clean air and water, healthy lifestyles, happy residents – these all add up to less medical and social costs. In turn we reap the benefits of increased tourism and we attract persons who care to live and work among us.
Reckless behaviour and neglectful daily practices are contributing to the destruction and depletion of our coral reefs, marine life, mangrove swamps, ground water supplies, natural habitats and air quality. If we do not change our ways, the long term consequences to our way of life, our health and our economy could be devastating.
Past attempts to introduce recycling, anti-littering and conservation programmes excited many residents, but these efforts have struggled to receive widespread support from the public and the attention of policy makers.  Many countries have introduced robust policies and have implemented extensive public education campaigns and recycling programmes to motivate their citizens to change the manner in which they interact with the environment.
We need to educate ourselves on how we waster, and dispose of waste.  The Chamber of Commerce believes that every business and resident can do one thing which could significantly help our environment and our country.
We challenge every resident and corporate citizen to make a commitment to take demonstrative actions to stop these abusive practices, We, as a united, powerful group, can play our role to protect our natural resources for future generations.  We can also encourage our leaders to fulfill the commitments of the Cayman Islands Environment Charter signed in 2001.

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