Cayman on a sad road

You have to wonder what is going on in this country.

We now live by the foreign rule.

My niece applied for a job at a local bank, she came out of high school this year except that she did not receive a diploma because of suspension over wearing her uniform skirt too short, but she had excellent grades.

She was told that she had the job, to show up for work on the following Monday.

She got up got dressed (no short skirt, dressed very professional) and headed off to start her new job.

The superior at the bank meet her at the door only to tell her that she was no longer hired because they only hire people who have received their diplomas!

Now we are talking about a young Caymanian who was willing to get out there and work, turns out that the person in charge of the school diplomas (foreigner) made it her duty to let the recruitment officer from the bank know that she had not received her diploma.

When you have a young person willing to get out there and work, do not put barriers in their way.

There are too many stupid reasons why these kids are not receiving their diplomas.

Most jobs listed today say ‘a graduate degree in so and so required.’

Most people who can do their job correctly have on the job experience!

Stop putting these barriers up for the Caymanians, if the person can do the job, give them a chance! Cayman has come to a sad road in life.

Sarah Christian

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