Chamber launches networking event

The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce launched a new invitation-only networking event called Chamber Business Connect last Thursday evening at the Grand Old House.

Chamber Business Connect

Attendees of the first Chamber Business Connect included, from left, James Tibbetts, Robert Wood, Chamber President Stuart Bostock, Billy Adam and David Kirkaldy.
Photo: Alan Markoff

The event is an initiative of current Chamber President Stuart Bostock, who said it was primarily aimed at business owners and business executives.

‘The event to get business owners and business executives in a social setting where they feel free about exchanging business cards,’ Mr. Bostock said. ‘As a business owner, I usually feel reluctant to give out business cards in a social setting.’

Mr. Bostock said it can be difficult to stay informed about who runs various businesses in the community.

‘There is a huge turnover of business executives in the Cayman Islands,’ he said. ‘The sole purpose of Cayman Business Connect is to meet other business owners and executives.’

Mr. Bostock said the plan is to have a Cayman Business Connect event every calendar quarter, but the next one might occur even sooner.

‘We had a fantastic turnout for the first one. In fact it was over-subscribed and we had to turn people away,’ he said, adding that there might be another Cayman Business Connect as early as September.

The event was limited to 50 people. Mr. Bostock said a different set of people would be invited to the next event.

‘And we’ll also hold it at different venues to give business to other Chamber members,’ he said.

Chamber CEO Wil Pineau said a wide range of businesses owners and senior managers were represented at last Thursday’s event, including bankers, retailers, wholesalers and professional service providers.

‘During these difficult economic times, we’re trying to introduce events that will keep businesses connected,’ he said. ‘This is a really good networking event to build relationships and to connect on a very personal level.

‘When you know someone, you’re more likely to do business with them.’

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