Cisterns answer to water woes

People should still be allowed to build their houses with a cistern.

That way if they are not happy with the service they are getting from the water companies, they can fend for themselves.

I saw a lady in the office complaining when I went to pay my bill for last month. She just had her first meter installed at their new house and their bill was over $1,000.

It is not fair to us as a small country to have to deal with these monopolies like the water companies the power companies and the phone companies.

Anytime there is talk of competition, someone in those companies starts to complain and if competition is introduced it is just bought out by the companies that are already here (as in the case of the phone companies).

We the people need to start complaining too, but unfortunately most of us cannot afford to take the matter to court and pay the exorbitant lawyer fees like some can.

These matters need to be looked into and something needs to be done, there needs to be someone on Island that is not employed by these companies, that is qualified to look into these complaints and fix the problem properly.

Jonathan Rivers

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