Student’s punishment appears harsh

I read with interest about the young lady not receiving her diploma because of disciplinary actions at school.

First and foremost, I applaud schools which have procedures for discipline. In today’s world there is a sad lack of it, and it certainly reflects in society.

However, having said that, this young lady had very good grades, and has obviously done well.

The punishment does seem a little harsh, and the fault lies not with her, but the prospective employer. Homework should have been done, to avoid this young lady turning up at work only to be turned away.

If they had no intention of giving her a job, then the job should not have been offered in the first place. The least they could do is give her a trial, She is now in the ‘adult’ world and should be treated as such. The fact that she wanted to work is to her credit; what would everyone like her to do now? Sit and home and knit!!!

Marion Webb

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