Water Authority must answer

Your excellent and timely editorial titled, ‘Time to corral the cowboys,’ presents the urgent need to change the existing modus operand whereby the Cayman Water Authority is operating with impunity in investigating excessive water bills complaints.

What is the Water Authority trying to accomplish by policing itself? This is like putting the fox in charge of the hen house. A thing must not only be right but it must also appear to be right.

We expect transparency in the private sector when customers have valid complaints and grievances, and precisely so. Shouldn’t we expect the same transparency from the Water Authority in investigating customers’ complaints about excessive water bills?

This can only be accomplished by having qualified, independent, non-agency personnel review and investigate all claims of excessive water rates.

It is hoped that the Cayman Water Authority will review its current policies and procedures in these matters by extricating itself and restoring confidence in the Authority.

Geoff Daniels

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