Cayman joins maritime initiative

The Cayman Islands has become part of an international initiative which aims to enhance the safety of merchant ships and the security of the countries they visit.

The International Maritime Organization’s requirement for the long range identification and tracking of ships entered into force on 1 July and obliges ships to transmit their location and identity via satellite on a 4-times-a-day basis. This information is available to the ship’s country of registration or Flag State, the governments of countries in the vicinity of the ship and also to international search and rescue agencies.

Around 400 ships and yachts registered in the Cayman Islands are required to comply with these new requirements, and Cayman is one of the few Flag States whose ships can boast full compliance with the new requirements.

To manage the information from the ships, it has been necessary for the Cayman Islands to establish an identification and tracking data centre, which routes information from Cayman-flagged ships to both the Cayman Islands Government and to other authorised recipients.

‘To successfully test 400 ships and have them reporting through the Cayman Islands Data Centre by the July deadline represents a tremendous achievement,’ said Authority CEO A. Joel Walton.

He said the owners and managers of Cayman-registered ships are to be congratulated for accomplishing this in the time available.

‘LRIT implementation also represents a substantial investment by Cayman, but knowing the location of all ships on the world’s oceans will make life safer for those onboard Cayman ships and enhance international maritime security,’ said head of the CISR Southampton-based European Regional Office Greg Evans who is director, for global safety and compliance.

For more information regarding the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry and the Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands, please visit

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