Wind energy way to go

While some residents of Grand Cayman are busy installing solar panels to cut down on fuel usage, others are looking to the wind.

Wind energy isn’t a new idea in the world.

More than 5,000 years ago the ancient Egyptians used wind to sail ships on the Nile River. The earliest known windmills were in Persia, which is modern day Iran. Centuries later the people of Holland improved the design of the ancient windmill and gave it propeller-type blades.

American colonists used windmills to grind what and corn, to pump water and cut wood at sawmills.

In the 1920s Americans began using small windmills to generate electricity in rural areas, but that practiced died out as power lines began to transport electricity.

It wasn’t until the oil shortage of the 1970s that people began to seriously think about alternative forms of energy, paving the way for the re-entry of the windmill to generate electricity.

Today the Cayman Islands, like the rest of the world, is faced with increasing fuel charges and high electricity costs to homes and businesses.

That’s one reason Cayman needs to turn to the wind to help generate power.

Another reason is because using the sun and wind as power sources is the right thing to do for the Cayman Islands now and for our future children and grandchildren.

We need to do all that we can to save our environment and renewable energy like sun and wind is one way to ensure a green country for the future.

Kudos to those who have already gone the wind route and purchased turbines to generate electricity for their homes on Grand Cayman. And thanks goes to the government for waving the duty on wind turbines to make wind power more attractive to residents.

Our energy company CUC is mulling proposals for a commercial wind farm; the decision is a good eight months away.

The Observer on Sunday believes such a renewable power source is a good idea if all the homework is done and the turbines are situated so that they are not in the flight paths of birds or bats.

If CUC doesn’t find favour with a wind farm for Grand Cayman, individuals should be encouraged to install their own wind turbines.

Solar and wind energy are certainly viable options for the Cayman Islands as a means of making electricity. We need to do it because of fuel prices. We should do it for the future.