Back to school

Summer is nearly over and hundreds of youngsters will be heading back to school.

As parents prepare to send their children back to school, a lot of attention is focused on having the best backpack, the cool sneakers and the right accessories.

However, the most important thing a parent can do to get ready for the upcoming school year is creating a two-way communication plan with your child’s teacher.

Immunize children

Each year, children miss the first day of school because they do not have the immunizations needed to enter a particular grade. So get your children immunized against dangerous childhood diseases.

Parents should also be aware of the flu epidemic that is going around, take the necessary precautions to make sure children do not attend school if they are suffering from this illness.

Helping children adjust

Back to school time often means changes for children and families: the first day of kindergarten or first grade; new preschools or child care settings; new classrooms and new teachers can sometimes be scary.

Making smooth transitions between home and school and teaching them to trust other adults and children is also helpful. Helping children adapt to new situations can ease parents’ minds and give them a chance to become involved in their children’s education.

Parents wishing to gain more information concerning their children back-to-school requirements should contact the child’s school and request the necessary information.

Knowing what requirements the school needs will hinder you from running around at the last minute to sort out the necessary papers, uniforms, times and dates.

During the holiday break students participated in a number of hands-on activities through summer camps hosted by many organisations on the island.

Returning John Gray High School student 16-year-old Shanarah Wright says she is excited to go back to school to attend art and English classes which are her favourite subjects. Shanarah said just getting back and meeting up with her classmates and catching up on summertime vacation news will be a blast. She also said she is looking forward to improving her grades this semester.

New primary school students face the challenge of the first day at school. Students have trouble getting to classes because they are not familiar with the environment.

It is hoped teachers and staff plan to be in the hallways to make sure things go smoothly and help to keep the energy level up for students as summer ends and school begins.