Thank you for the informative article about Pirates Week.

Thank you for the informative article about Pirates Week.

As a newcomer to the island in a less than robust economic environment, I find it odd that the politicians want to toss out what appears to be a very successful recipe for a successful financial boost to the local economy.  According to the article, this event has been held for the past 31 years, and brings in some much appreciated revenue for untold numbers of people and businesses on the island.

If the politicians do see fit in messing with success, where is the alternative revenue source gong to come from to make up for the shortfall of either changing this event or not having it at all?

While nothing is perfect and you can’t please everyone all the time, it would seem that the financial upside of this event would alone be enough to judge it worthy of continuing as is for at least another year.  Are politicians afraid to be compared to the pirates operating in Somalian waters?  Give the residents and visitors an opportunity to make up their own minds.  I think you’ll find they are savvy enough to know the difference.

Thank you!

Steve Santacroce, FLMI, MBA, ACS, CFE
Georgetown, Grand Cayman, CAYMAN ISLANDS
[email protected]