Crime out of control

My husband and I have just learned that our condo complex office has been broken into again and the safe was stolen!

Two years ago the office was broken into and money and the Ford 150 truck was stolen. Apartments have been broken into innumerable times and the police can’t seem to do anything about all of this.

Cayman is a small country. How in heaven’s name can the police not catch or find any of these thieves or trucks, cars, tools and the like?

Cayman is not the island that it used to be. Road blocks are for DUIs not for the off chance that some stupid thief will drive through in a stolen vehicle with a stolen TV in the back!

Something drastic needs to be done now to get control of this or Grand Cayman will not be a destination for tourists, not to mention the concern and care of Cayman citizens.

Ann White – New Jersey, U.S.A.