Firearms importation charges launched against woman

Cassandra Daniella Bodden, 26, appeared in Summary Court on Tuesday to face four counts of importation of an unlicensed firearm and three counts of importation of ammunition.

Charges detail the unlicensed firearms as a .40 Smith and Wesson, a 9mm Ruger, a .45 Glock model 21, and a 9mm Arcus. The ammunition is described as 50 rounds of Winchester .38 Special, 25 rounds of Remington Golden Saber .45 and 347 rounds of Luger 9mm.

During the proceedings, Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale expressed surprise that Bodden had received bail.

‘Is there something going on at the police station that I am not aware of,’ she asked.

Bodden received bail before attending court.

Defence Attorney Lloyd Samson said he was astonished that Bodden had been charged.

Mr. Samson explained that a lengthy investigation process had been undertaken by the police and the defence’s position is that the defendant was not expecting any parcel nor did she ever retrieve one.

He did not dispute that guns had been recovered.

During proceedings, no one referred to the alleged method of importation.

Senior Crown Counsel Trevor Ward said relevant certificates overseas were to be obtained for further proceedings.

A short-form preliminary inquiry into the charges against Bodden is scheduled for 6 October, at which time it will be determined if there is enough evidence to commit the case to the next session of the Grand Court, which begins 7 October.