It’s never too late to learn: a guide to Continuing Education courses in Cayman

 With the current economy the job market is extremely competitive and having that extra edge on other applicants applying for a job, has never been so important. By going through extra training or achieving additional qualifications you can show a future employer that you have motivation and commitment. Indeed completing a continuing education or professional education course is also important if you are currently in a job because as Scott Cummings, Dean at the International College of the Cayman Islands, points out.  “In today’s economy it is no longer a case of just looking to get promoted people is trying not to get downsized and that means doing what they need to add to their skills base.”
In Cayman there are various courses offering continuing education which can help give you that extra qualification on your CV.
At ICCI they see most applicants for the computer    courses which cover key boarding skills and introduction to the computer.
 The Spanish courses are also well subscribed because Cummings says “people who are bilingual are always more marketable and Spanish is such a common language not just in the Caribbean and the Americas but in all parts of the world”.
The courses covering specific areas such as tourism and insurance are also popular options.
Cummings also points out that although some of the courses are entitled “Introduction” that does not mean they are skimmer courses the subjects are covered in depth.
A single course at ICCI usually covers ten weeks with a final examination on the eleventh week. You will then receive a grade.  
ICCI Evening Courses
Saturday 9:00-1:30
Introduction to Broadcasting
Monday and Wednesday 5:30-7:45
Developmental Studies: Maths Skills
Keyboarding section1
Fundamentals of Speech
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Sociology
Hotel Management I
Keyboarding Section 2
Business Finance
Accounting Theory
Introduction to Counselling
Tuesday and Thursday 5:30-7:45
Introduction to the Computer
Introduction to Accounting
Introduction to Insurance
World Civilisation
Introductory college Mathematics
Use of English 1
English as a Second language
Elementary Spanish
You can register for courses up  until September 4
Classes begin September 7
For more information visit the website phone 3459471100
The Continuing Education Department of the University College Cayman Islands have a number of academic, leisure, and vocational courses that are intended to develop specific skills in these areas. They have offered in the past more general interest classes such as art classes and photography but found there was not much demand.  Raymond Jones is Department Chair, Continuing Education and Professional Development observes that “the courses that are the best subscribed are these that are improving skills. The conversational classes in Spanish are also extremely popular, we tried other languages such as French but there was not a great take up.” One of the more unusual  recreational courses they are offering this year is an Astronomy class  aimed at people who want to know more about Astronomy and/or the Night Sky
The course will cover topics such  as finding the Pole Star to just what is at the end of the Universe?
Courses are typically offered in the evening and range from seven to fourteen weeks in length and are available throughout the year.
UCCI Continuing Education Courses
Air Conditioning Level 1 Wednesday 7:30
Plumbing Level 1 Thursday 5:30
Fundamentals of Electro Technology Monday 5:30
Electrical Licensing Preparation Wednesday 5:30
Basic English Wednesday 5:30
Basic Mathematics Monday 5:30
Fundamentals of Construction 1Tuesday 6:00
Fundamentals of Accounting 1 Wednesday 5:30
Project Management 1 Monday 6:30
IMI Automechanics   1 Wednesday 6:00
Introduction to Architecture Thursday 6:30
Music Appreciation Tuesday 6:00
Conversational Spanish Level 1 7 weeks Tuesday Thursday 7:30
Astronomy 7 weeks Wednesday 7:30
All candidates on the Continuing education programmes receive a Certification of Achievement if they successfully fulfil the requirements of their course of study.  
Further information
Phone (345) 623-UCCI8224
Spanish Classes
Spanish classes are also offered by Habla (Cayman) Ltd., a Spanish tutoring and translation company Habla uses the common European framework (Marco Común Europeo de Referencia or MCER), the most modern process available and  Habla´s tutor, Sandra Gómez Parra, is a certified specialist from The University of Barcelona.
Sandra says, “we aim is to enable a person to communicate in Spanish, for business or whilst vacationing. Our courses cover all aspects of learning Castilian Spanish: oral, listening and written, for beginners to advanced levels.”
As students advance, they train with grammar and learn to solve problems, negotiate and exchange information.
For further information email [email protected]
Micro Matrix
Are a full service training provider that offers training in a variety of areas including paralegal, banking, IT and soft skills.   They run certification boot camps and are the Pearson Vue testing centre for a number of different certification. Their paralegal course was recently accredited by the Institute of Paralegal and they are also an AIB banking course provider.
Sandra Catron, designer of the Paralegal Certificate program says“the course has been designed specifically for the Cayman employment market and focuses on key areas of importance including Company Law, Cayman Judicial System, Contract Law and the English Legal System.”
In terms of banking they offer American Institute of Banking (AIB) courses and diploma and certificate programs. There are over 170 courses in a variety of formats with a focus on in-person and self-paced online delivery options.   
The programs lead to the following diplomas and certificates
AIB General Banking Diploma, AIB Retail Branch Management Diploma, AIB Customer Service Certificate, AIB Bank Teller Certificate and the AIB Supervisor Certificate.  
For further information
Micro Matrix is located in Centennial Towers, West Bay and can be contacted at 623-4600.

Finance and business
Innovative Management @ Professional Training run courses in finance  and accounting. They also cover all aspects of business skills.
Business Skills Seminars and Workshops offer training in the soft skills that are needed on an everyday basis for business success.  Areas covered include:   Supervisory Management, Team Development, The Professional Receptionist, Business Writing Basics and The Administrative Assistant Workshop.
Computer Training
Training is available for beginners, intermediate and advanced users for QuickBooks, WORD, EXCEL and Keyboarding.
More advanced courses offered include:
ACCA Certified Accounting Technician
ICSA Certificate in Business Practice

ICSA Diploma in Offshore Finance and Administration
Certified Business Professional (CBP) Executive
Iinnovative Management & Professional Training Unit 201, Alissta Towers
Fax.  345-943-4679

Leadership Cayman
If you want to enhance your leadership skills
Leadership Cayman is designed to promote and enhance community leadership through an in-depth introduction to social, economic, business and political issues in the Cayman Islands.
The programme, run by the Chamber of Commerce begins with an orientation dinner in December which is followed by a two day opening retreat in January 2010. Following that there is a series of 11 seminars scheduled for every other Thursday beginning in January and ending in July.
To apply you have to be 25 years of age and submit a written application together with a non-refundable application fee of CI$79.
The deadline to submit an application is Friday, 16th October 2009.
Lastly if you want to get out of that office job and into the great outdoors it is worth looking at dive courses on the island. If you already have experience the Divemaster courses could be the opening to a whole new world. .Nancy Easterbrook from DiveTech says, “The Dive master course is the first level of professional diving. There are many jobs on the island involving diving so it is worthwhile for young Caymanians to be thinking of it in terms of a career.”
Divemaster Course:
There are two options of how you can complete the course. The academic portion is the same for both; it’s just the number of training/assisting dives that you do.    
Divemaster Course; short version
The Divemaster course can be completed in as little as seven full days. Each day is a combination of academic lectures and study and diving. There are eight academic modules which students must read, receive a lecture on, and write a knowledge review on and then a final exam on each module.
Divemaster Internship; longer version
The internship program has all of the same academics and skill requirements as described above. The major variable in the program is that, if you have the time, the DM candidate can do a lot more training dives, work with a lot more Instructors and gain more knowledge and experience.
The internship program takes about 11 days in total to complete, but DM Candidates are encouraged to continue in the intern program as long as their time permits.

Both options cost the same amount. It’s $750.00 US for the course which includes all dives, tanks and weights, and instruction. Earning your Divemaster certification places you in the realm of a Professional Diver and insurance can now be offered, qualifying you to work as a professional in the industry.
Minimum Age: 18
For further information
[email protected]