Jazz Fest 2009

With the recent announcement of the move of Jazz Fest 2009 to Camana Bay, residents are wondering what the change of location will hold for the festival.

According to Joanne Gammage, public relations officer for the Department of Tourism the event will maintain its family-friendly, oceanfront atmosphere.

‘After finding out that Pageant Beach was unavailable and inspecting seven separate sites in Grand Cayman, we are confident that Camana Bay is the best location for the festival,’ said Ms Gammage. ‘It’s on the water so festival-goers will still be able to feel the island breeze, and the eight acres of land will give Cayman Jazz Fest room to grow.’

The Department of Tourism will be advertising for vendors for the event in the local media in the near future, added Ms Gammage, particularly in the areas of food and arts and crafts.

Children will be welcome at the event as they have been in the past. ‘The Cayman Islands is a family destination and we actively encourage family travel,’ said Ms Gammage. ‘Cayman Jazz Fest is a family-friendly show and, as has been the case with previous Cayman Jazz Fests, children under 12 will be allowed in for free.’

Camana Bay has committed eight acres of land for the festival for the next five years. ‘They are a platinum sponsor of Cayman Jazz Fest,’ said Ms Gammage. ‘[They] are providing significant support that will help the Department of Tourism to offset direct costs as it relates to site clearance and logistics.’