Take time today to reflect

 No matter what you have on your busy plate today, the Observer on Sunday has a request to make.

Please take a few minutes after reading Alan Markoff’s article on Page 1 of today’s newspaper and reflect.

Forget that our country is in deep debt.

Forget that crime is up and tourism is down.

Forget that the world is in an economic crisis.

And remember.

Remember how life was in the Cayman Islands, and especially on Grand Cayman, after Hurricane Ivan slammed into us five years ago.

We put aside petty differences. We stopped bickering. We showed love to our family, friends, neighbours and strangers.

We all leaned on each other and made it through the crisis that was Hurricane Ivan.

Where is that feeling of good will today?

Do we need another Ivan to bring an end to the sniping at ex patriates?

Do we need another Ivan to bring our political parties and politicians together for the good of the Cayman Islands?

Do we need another Ivan to make us humane and humble before our fellow man, no matter where he’s from or the colour of his skin?

We shouldn’t.

Ivan taught us that we can get along; that we can work together to make our country stronger.

Why have we forgotten the lessons Ivan taught us?

If you weren’t here during Hurricane Ivan you were both blessed and not blessed.

As Markoff attests in his first person account of Hurricane Ivan, the storm changed him.

It changed most of us who lived through it; some for the better and some not.

But there for a little while after our homes and businesses were ravaged, we pulled together.

We were a cohesive community that worked shoulder-to-shoulder.

The Observer on Sunday doesn’t wish another devastating storm on the Cayman Islands, but we would like to see a return to the days of civility that followed Hurricane Ivan.

Our country is facing many challenges now; most of them coming from the United Kingdom.

We need to unite to keep our place in the financial world and to keep the identity of the Cayman Islands.

And we need to remember what a disaster can do to this country and how we can pull together to overcome adversity.

If you weren’t here for Ivan, find someone who was and let them tell you their story.

We think then, that you will understand.