Roma get Premier reprieve

Roma have been reinstated in this season’s Cayman Islands Football Association Premier League competition resulting from a ruling made by the association regarding the relegation of Latinos from the league.

Latinos were relegated because the team failed to field a youth team which is mandatory for all teams participating in the Premier League.

A release letter was sent out by the association and it read as follows: ‘The decision to relegation Latinos from the Premier League is based on Latinos Football Club’s failure to comply with Section 9 of the Rules of the Association.

‘As a result of Latinos Football Club’s relegation, Roma Football Club will remain in the Cayman Premier League for the 2009-10 season.

‘The CIFA Executive Committee did not make this decision lightly, however, we are obligated to ensure that all of our member clubs have the necessary foundations in place, within their clubs, to ensure the development of young football players in the Cayman Islands. CIFA will continue to work with Latinos in the development of their youth program and we are confident that the players, management, sponsors, supporters of Latinos will work closely with CIFA to bring about a sustainable youth programme.’