Tortuga request for extra hours turned down

Applications to extend hours for two Tortuga Liquors stores were turned down following the most recent session of the Liquor Licensing Board of Grand Cayman.

The first was an application by Robert Hamaty of Tortuga Liquors for permission to operate from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday at the Royal Watler Cruise Terminal.

Appearing on Mr. Hamaty’s behalf seeking the extension of hours at the meeting on Thursday at Customs’ Headquarters was Neil Hamaty.

He said the intention is to allow customers to buy package alcohol because the ships are coming in earlier than the stores open.

He said he wants to bring the duty paid licence (rather than the duty free category) forward to 8am from 9am.

He noted that when customers buy duty free they can’t take it with them because it has to be delivered back to the ship.

He said he was asking the board to allow the store to open one hour earlier for their duty paid package licence so customers could take the alcohol with them. He added that the duty paid alcohol (as opposed to duty free) generates revenue for the government also.

Mr. Hamaty said on the way back to the ship customers won’t buy because they are rushing to get back on board.

‘They are on the island a very short period so if we lose a sale from a person passing through they may not pass through again,’ he said.

On questioning from the Board he said that some customers like to take beer with them to places such as the Turtle Farm or as they are touring George Town.

Board members asked if this meant visitors would be drinking on the bus to their destination and he said they would not be doing that.

Chairman of the Board Mitchell Welds noted that there is a possibility that the customers would stop by the store on their way back to the ship.

The other application that was turned down was to operate for an extra hour in the evening, from 9am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, at Tortuga Liquors in the Jack & Jill Building on Fort Street.