West Bay’s Ross is Breakers boss

Records in sports play an important role.

For the most part they determine how much a sport has accomplished and how far it can go.

ross breakers

Dante Ross Hydes ran himself into the record books.
Photo: Matthew Yates

Many local sports have their fair share of records and motorsports is one of those disciplines.

Over the weekend, in spite of less than ideal weather conditions, the local racing scene saw one of its toughest and most controversial records fall.

Breakers Speedway witnessed a new track record by a local driver.

Dante Ross Hydes, 25, set the mark in his Honda CBR 1000 motorcycle on Friday.

Hydes’ time of 6.167s at 117mph eclipsed the previous time of 6.199s at about 110mph held by Dail Davis in his black 1989 Ford Mustang.

Davis set that mark back in April this year by 0.001s and broke his own record he set in the same car last September.

Hydes also had a time of 6.187s that was recorded as the fastest motorcycle mark at the track. He broke his own record of 6.249s he set on the same bike back in August.

The previous record was 6.261s set by Jamie McLaughlin on his Suzuki GSX-R in March.

For the record the overall track record is held by visiting Floridian dragster Frank Muniz and his yellow Toyota Supra.

Muniz ran the car in September last year in a time of 5.685s at 122mph.

Before setting the record Muniz ran times in the 5 second range including marks of 5.985s and 5.925s.

Hydes’ record run came in legendary circumstances. He made his record pass on Friday night during a testing and tuning session at the track.

From there rain would postpone racing from Saturday to Sunday.

Hydes talked about how the record happened.

‘It was kind of random how it all happened. On Friday my uncle Tony Hydes and my cousin Scott Hydes were helping me try new things. I was getting frustrated with the runs.

‘The first 80 feet was alright but cross that it was dusty and I felt the lack of prep killed off my times.

‘I was going to stop but decided to do two more runs. I ended up setting the mark on those last two.

‘It’s great having the local record but I want to break into the 5s range. It’s not about the bike, it’s about me and the track.’

The West Bayer’s feat comes after expressing his intent to break the overall local record in August.

At the time the motorsports enthusiast expressed a desire to make some minor alterations to his bike such as adding a race exhaust and lowering his suspension.

Hydes’ new record preceded a day’s worth of excitement that took place on Sunday.

Some 21 racers would come out and compete in seven and eight second classes plus a motorcycle division.

Relative newcomer Howie Morgan won the seven second division with a time of 7.600s behind the wheel of his grey Mitsubishi Evolution III.

In second-place was dexterity racing expert Keith Parker Tibbetts III, affectionately known as Speedy.

Speedy ran his Subaru Impreza Sti to a time of 7.700s.

For Tibbetts and dexterity racing aficionados Breakers would serve as the lone source of automotive excitement.

The monthly Time Attack race scheduled by the Cayman Motorsports Association for the Progressive loop was postponed due to rain.

Meanwhile the eight second class was an interesting one that saw one of the more intriguing results.

Sammy Jackson walked away with the bragging rights as he powered his white GMC Sierra Denali (which comes with a 6.2l V8 making 403hp stock) to a time of 8.075s.

Jackson is an established name in local motorsports and has steadily taken the truck to Breakers to race.

By default Malsham Brown finished second in his Evo III. In spite of signing up for the eight second class he broke out of the section with a 7.76s time.

Hydes’ fine form would continue on race day as well as he won the motorbike division in 6.243s.

Jerry Ramos, behind a Honda CBR 1000 of his own, came second in a time of 6.500s.

Breakers Speedway Owner Robert Campbell was pleased with the weekend’s action.

‘It’s always a good event when there are no unhappy situations. Everyone had fun and was safe and that was what mattered most.

‘Then again there was a low turnout, much lower than I expected, but I’m well aware it could be because of the rainout on Saturday.’

Looking ahead Campbell is quick to note a big change to the next drag meet at Breakers.

‘For now I’m handing over Breakers to the local motorsports association on October 10 for their race.

‘They have a lot of volunteers, more than me, and I wish them all the best with their event.

‘In fact guys like Rudy Ritch (who handles the race lights) and Jason Henry (who helps out with timing in the tower) deserves many thanks for their steadfast efforts.

‘I’m expecting a good event and a good turnout.’