Woman faces 42 charges

Lanisia Barnes appeared in Summary Court on 30 September to face 21 charges of theft and 21 counts of false accounting of over $32,000.

Details of the charges are that between 2004 and 2006, the defendant is alleged to have stolen from Butterfield Bank 21 times, in addition to falsifying a document required for accounting purposes, namely a debit voucher, by falsely representing that a check had been deposited which entitled a credit to her account.

The second charge also consists of 21 counts.

During Wednesday’s short form preliminary inquiry, Barnes was advised of her rights to challenge the prosecution and its witnesses, as well as to call her own witnesses.

A list of the witnesses in the case was then read out by Magistrate Nova Hall, at which time Barnes said she had nothing to say.

Her matter was then committed to the next session of the Grand Court, which is set to begin on 7 October.

There is also a charge of failing to surrender for which the defendant will return to Summary Court on the date mentioned above.

However, Defence Attorney Delroy Murray suggested that this incident may have been the result of a medical issue.