Monaco Boat Show a showcase for excess

 At the megabucks Monaco Yacht Show  this past month in Monte Carlo, there was an estimated $4.5 billion worth of yachts on display, and none of the 98 craft on exhibit were under 100 ft. The biggest of them all however was the multistory, $200 million Anastasia at 248 ft., recently completed by leading Dutch shipyard Oceanofor a Russian billionaire..

The Anastasia features six decks, luxery  quarters for 12 passengers and 20 crew members including a duplex master suite, a ten seat cinema, a discotheque with a laser light display and smoke machine, an artificial coral reef and 800-gallon fish tank, a swimming pool with a transparent wall, a sunbathing platform which converts into a stage for live music, a library upholstered in crocodile skin, and a hanger full of speedboats and jetskis.

Far from being an endangered species due to the grim economic outlook, these megayachts are more in demand than ever. In fact, the Anastasia is probably already worth more than the buyer  paid for it. “People with $200 million to spend on a yacht tend to be above the credit crunch,” Hugo Andreae, editor of Super Yacht  magazine, says “There are a lot them around, even if most are unknown to the wider world.”