Ice cream a hit

Local Musician Jeffery Seymour, known as Big J, along with DJ Super C, surprised youngsters at Miss Nadine’s Pre-school with ice cream and chips on Wednesday, 7 October.

Principal Heather Lopez said the majority of the children attending the facility come from backgrounds where finances are a concern.

‘This is amazing,’ she said. ‘Usually we only give them sweets on very special occasions and so it is good to see the artists do something for the kids that would not usually happen. It’s just very special.’

Big J remarked: ‘I did something like this in Jamaica and wanted to do the same thing in my own country.’

He added that around the time he was deciding to go through with his intention of visiting youngsters with goodies and encouraging them to pursue their dreams, he was driving along Eastern Avenue when he saw a woman and child hitching for a ride.

The artist said he offered them a ride and asked where they were going, to which the woman replied, ‘Miss Nadine’s Pre-school’.

Mr. Seymour said he took this as direct sign to proceed and once he arrived at Miss Nadine’s he decided to go in and ask if it would be all right to bring a donation of ice cream and chips for the kids, to which he received an emphatic yes.

Super C said, ‘It is important for us to get the children’s attention at a young age. These will be the people who shape the future and we want to show them that the musical fraternity cares about them and what they have to offer the whole world.’

Both artists say they will be doing more surprise visits to interested schools and continuing to talk to youngsters about using their gifts and talents to uplift others.