Landlord shuts Net News office

The landlord of the Cayman Net News has locked the newspaper out of its premises in Alissta Towers.

Staff at the paper arrived to work on Tuesday morning to find the locks changed in the office and a notice from the landlord pasted inside the glass front door stating he had repossessed the building.

They were given half an hour on Tuesday afternoon to pick up their personal belongings from the office.

Lawyer Christopher McDuff from the Thorp Alberga law firm, acting on behalf of landlord Alissta Towers Ltd., said: ‘We have taken possession of the property pursuant to the consent order entered into by the tenant Cayman Net Ltd., and approved in October 2009.

‘We say that the tenant Cayman Net Ltd. has breached that order and so… we have taken possession.’

Alissta Towers is owned by AL Thompson.

Mr. McDuff would not say when the company last paid rent to the landlord.

A writ of summons filed at the Grand Court in August showed that Cayman Net Ltd. owed the landlord more than $50,000 at that time.

It listed details of 11 dishonoured cheques which Cayman Net News or its sister marketing company MCM Consultants had paid to Alissta Towers Ltd. between 30 April and 3 July.

The newspaper has lost several members of staff recently, some of whom have filed complaints about non-payment of wages to the Department of Employment Relations.

Net News Publisher Desmond Seales would not comment when asked if the newspaper would continue to be published.