Cayrock on air until court ruling

Cayrock has been granted permission to remain on the air until the outcome of a judicial review next month is decided.

Mr. Justice Alex Henderson granted the station’s owner, dms Broadcasting Ltd., leave for a judicial review of the Information and Communication Technology Authority’s decision to order the radio station to cease broadcasting.

The hearing last week was heard in chambers and was not open to the public, but lawyer Stuart Diamond, who is representing the station, confirmed that leave for the judicial review had been granted.

The judicial review is scheduled to be heard in the Grand Court on 23 November.

‘Until such time, the ICTA’s decisions have been stayed and Cayrock remains licensed to broadcast as before,’ Mr. Diamond said.

The Authority earlier this month refused to renew the station’s broadcasting licence and ordered it to cease broadcasting from its George Town tower because it said the signal was interfering with the reception of other FM channels.

Mr. Diamond said: ‘dms Broadcasting Ltd is still hopeful that goodwill and commercial good sense will prevail. dms continues to work with the ICTA to ensure that Cayrock 96.5 FM remains on the air.’