New teachers welcomed at Triple C

There a lot of new faces at Triple C.

A group of men and women from the United States, UK, Canada, and Caribbean have been hired to meet the growing needs of the school.

The 19 new staff members are filling vacancies in the new Upper Room and pre-school programmes, expanded special education needs staff, and recently restarted Home Economic programme.

The school recently added two new programmes: the Upper Room and the pre-school, thus requiring an additional four teachers/assistants.

Home Economics was re-established after a hiatus of a year due to not finding a suitable teacher and special education needs staff was expanded.

The Upper Room programme has been running since last year and offers students a separate office-type space to study the core curriculum subjects. With a maximum ratio of six students to one teacher, the students who attend the academy are able to work in a distraction-free environment.

The programme was launched last year and had great success. It takes two teachers in the boys’ unit and one in the girls’ to run the programme, which continues to grow.