Changing the face of corporate leasing in Cayman

Location, location, location has always been the No. 1 priority for business owners looking to set up shop, or relocate.

While that hasn’t changed, it has evolved beyond the “see and be seen” school of thought.

An office with a view is no longer the “big” selling point; employers are now focusing on the bigger picture, protecting their assets.

 “It does seem high on the list of motivating factors when corporate occupiers decide to locate here or consider to locate here the safety of the built structures and the back- up  redundancy are a major factor in that decision making process,”  said Rick Cobb, leasing director Dart Realty Cayman Ltd.

 The state of the art technology and surroundings of Camana Bay have definitely changed the face of corporate leasing in Cayman.

 Aware of just how vulnerable the Cayman Islands is six months out of the year, all the buildings are designed to withstand a Category 5 hurricane. Each block of buildings is equipped with state-of-the-art fibre optics as at each end so if a one cable is cut there’s a back up that allows clients to continue business as usual, plus the entire area is equipped with back- up generators for added protection.

 This elaborate and comprehensive backup system is nothing compared to what is housed in a second floor bunker.

 If Hurricane Ivan taught us anything it’s this, an effective disaster recovery plan has to include strategies to protect critical information assets such as personal client information and other valuable computer related data.

 And while offices at Camana Bay are all offices come equipped with built in enhanced security and backup systems, there’s another secret weapon on site that provides that gives client the opportunity to take that one extra step of protection.

“We have a disaster recovery centre housed in a second floor bunker with generator back up,” said Cobb.

“People can rent these disaster recovery suites. You can put a team of five in there or you can send your top IT guy and the objective being that during a storm especially during a catastrophic loss everything is contained in that building there. And your team can keep going and keep communication and business continuity and the redundancy going in Canada, Europe, or wherever their other operations are. Beyond disaster recovery purposes they can code locate all their hard drives and systems in a safe environment.”

 Mr. Cobb adds that the centre isn’t just for tenants; other business owners are able to buy into the service as well.

 It’s not just the technical safety and high tech redundancy issues that have local businesses taking a closer look at Camana Bay’s corporate office spaces.

The same time, effort and thought that’s gone into protecting electronic data, has also been put into the personal safety of clients and their employees.
Security guards are on site 24 hours patrolling the campus as well as monitoring CCTV cameras that have been placed all around the area.

It’s not just the technology that has forever altered corporate leasing on the islands.

 The safety, security, and newness of business offices are enhanced by the extra amenities that go along with leasing space at Camana Bay.

Ample parking, shopping, dining, a relaxing atmosphere and a variety of opportunities for business growth and expansion are all part of the corporate leasing package at Camana Bay.

Realtors agree that with office parks being erected away from the downtown area, it is feasible to never have to fight traffic there again.

“With the recent improvements in technology, along with more convenience, more parking, more green areas, less congestion, and much better state-of-the-art buildings/office parks that are now outside of the downtown, new out of town class “A” corporate locations are competing with the old trend of needing to locate in the downtown core.  Unless you need to access a court building, for example, on a daily basis, you can be in a highly prestigious location away from the chaos and stress of getting to and from the city centre,” said Kim Lund owner REMAX Cayman.