In preparation for the 2010 Population Census of the Cayman Islands, the Economics and Statistics Office will be conducting a Pilot Census. The Pilot will run concurrently with the 2009 Labour Force Survey starting October 11, 2009.

The main purpose of the Pilot is to test the Census questionnaire to ensure that enumerators, as well as respondents, understand the questions.  It will also test the mechanism for the administration of data collection and document flow, and the processing of data.

The Pilot Census questionnaire was developed with inputs from members of the Census Advisory Committee (CAC), and also took into consideration, a common set of questions that was suggested by CARICOM to accommodate regional comparisons. The Chamber of Commerce is a member of the CAC.

Results from the Pilot would allow for relevant adjustments to the questionnaire before it is finalized for the Census.    Census Day is set for October 8, 2010.  The Census will provide the most comprehensive set of data on Cayman Islands’ population.