LIME – Recession busting offerings at Expo

LIME, the Caribbean’s leading communications company, is this year’s title sponsor of the Chamber of Commerce’s Business Expo.

The company, which aims to bring the best communication technologies to the region and build products and services that improve people’s lives, has been a faithful supporter of the event since it began.

The decision to remain as title sponsor of the Business Expo shows LIME’s commitment to the Chamber of Commerce and the business community.

“Everyone in the business community is feeling the effects of the recession and as one of the Chamber’s original members it is even more important for us to continue to support the Expo as the main sponsor,” said Mr. Anthony Ritch, Country Manager.

“The Expo gives businesses the opportunity to showcase their products and services and many new businesses use this event as their launch event,” Mr. Ritch continued.

The buy local theme of the event is equally significant for the communication solutions provider.

“Every dollar spent in locally-owned businesses impacts our community,” said Mr. Ritch. Shopping locally creates jobs, funds more services through duties that are paid on items brought in and promotes community development. LIME is a key employer in Cayman.

“The majority of the people at LIME are Caymanian and therefore, purchasing locally helps to keep local people employed as well,” Mr. Ritch  said.

“The Expo gives LIME customers and prospective customers an interactive experience to see and get in touch with our services. This is where we can present our large range of services to the public and often launch new products,” Mr. Daniel Tathum, Head of Retail Sales, said.

LIME’s objective in the Cayman market is to provide products that customers can value and which have a positive effect on their business and in their lives.

For business and enterprise customers the company offers fully tailored communication solutions to help solve real-life business issues, such as cost reduction.

One element the company focuses on is excellent customer service delivered across all product lines, which include landline, internet, mobile and entertainment.

For LIME this year’s Chamber Expo is all about recession busting offers, built around products and services that will be exclusively available at the event.
“We are sure you will not be disappointed by the specials and deals we will have on offer and we promise to save you money,” Mr. Tathum said.

Local product highlight (not specifically a highlight at expo)

LIME Internet enables customers to stay in touch with family and friends through instant messenger, Facebook, MySpace or by making international calls over the internet using LIME’s NetSpeak.

Customers can do research for school or work and keep informed on hobbies, entertainment and news – all at the touch of a button.

LIME maintains a highly stable high-speed internet network that provides information reliably and in very little download time.