The Halloween setting

 You have the costume now you need a backdrop to set the mood.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to decorating for Halloween, one of them is go mad and create   a Halloween explosion   with spider webs, bats, crows, skulls eye balls in jars spaghetti entrails and the open grave cemetery at the front door or there is the more tastefully themed one using traditional Halloween colours of orange black and silver with    carefully placed objects.

How you decorate depends on who you are having around. If its children maybe watch that the effect is not too realistic that you give them nightmares for weeks or if you are going for a more sophisticated type party then severed fingers and eye balls in bowls on the table might not be quite the thing.

Designer Katie Adams loves decorating her own house and says her approach is “just do everything you can think of, but if you can get enough ideas for one theme then run with it.”

She recommends using e a mixture of  all the ghoulish things you can find in the party shops  like skeletons bats, spiders and such like things and mix in with stuff you have made yourself.

Here are some of Katie’s ideas but really the only limits are your ghoulish imagination.

* Get some spun cotton spider webs Have this as a netting effect, hang from the ceilings.  And you can put things like big spiders and skeletons on it.

* Have a CD player and some scary music, creaky doors, screaming etc that is sure to set the mood.

* Get a  large platter cover it with foil and get lots of different height candles (pillar are best as they are big) and have the all melt down slowly.

* Get a glass bowl and make up a batch of dead man’s guts, spiral spaghetti, red food colouring, anything else that looks nasty and have the kids dip in for prizes. (Feels horrible so get good prizes!!)

* Make  a Scarecrow out of old clothes and prop them in  dark corners of the house or garden

* Get white material, coat hanger and balloons. Blow up a balloon to head size place material over and gather with a rubber band under the balloon neck then place on top the coat hanger so you have a ghost, marker on a face and have them hanging/blowing in the trees.

* Get an old umbrella, remove the fabric covering; stretch spider webbing over the ribs. Decorate with plastic spiders and battery-operated lanterns attached to the ribs. Tie to the ceiling.

* Use black lights. Buy outdoor garden lights that you can stick into the ground and use black light bulbs so everything white glows.

* Get a wheel barrow outside your front door fill it with dirt and have a skull and bones sticking out- if you want to be really grizzly get some big ribs, have a yummy dinner party and save the bones!

* Make a row of lit pumpkin heads down the drive way.

* Make sure people can find the house. Make a card board sign saying ‘this way’ with a battery lantern attached and place it out on the road on the road sign.

* If you can find some smoking fountains that give off dry ice smoke that’s great for visual effects.

* Get people to dress like ghosts and goblins and hide in the yard- that will scare anyone not expecting it- especially dads!  

* Make your front yard a graveyard using cardboard boxes .Cut them down to tombstone size, spray paint them black, and then use white paint to outline the headstone. Using a small paint brush, paint different, spooky, funny, and anything goes epithets on the tombs. Weigh them down with a brick.

* Make a batch of caramel apples if your dressing as a witch… play the whole role of ‘come here and try an apple!’ uber scary!!

* Bobbing for apples- traditional but always fun!