Alternative to illegal pepper spray

I heard that pepper spray and other counter attack items and deterrents are illegal in Cayman and I think that is totally unfair.

Our women are like sheep being left to the wolves. It is high time we allow our vulnerable citizens to purchase these items so they can at least defend themselves against the bastards who are preying on them.

Perhaps the distribution of pepper spray guns could be controlled; for example you would have to pass a training course and receive a user licence before you could be issued one.

Until our lawmakers can solve the increasing crime problem, please allow me to relay a crime fighting tip that a Florida State trooper friend of mine told me they use up there.

Get yourself a couple cans of wasp spray, one for your car, one for your purse and one by the front door of your house. The wasp spray is designed to knock out wasp nests so it shoots a high pressure stream (not mist) which can reach 10-20 feet. You spray the deserving criminal in the face and he is immediately blinded and is going straight down to the ground. The police can then escort the criminal to the hospital to get the antidote and then he is off to jail.

I suggest the grocery stores stock up on wasp spray, the hospitals stock up on the antidote and then make some room at Northward.

Christian van der Bol