Duke of Edinburgh recipients awarded

In an awards ceremony at the Governor’s residence on Wednesday, 21 October 19 students from John Gray High, Grace Christian Academy, Cayman International, and Cayman Prep and High schools were given Duke of Edinburgh bronze awards.

Eight students from John Gray, Cayman Prep and High and one open unit student also received the silver award from the Governor Mr. Stuart Jack.

This brings the total so far this year to 83 youngsters in the Cayman Islands to receive the awards.

For their efforts Duke of Edinburgh Awards committee chairperson Katherine Jackson acknowledged the youngsters achievements.

She also encouraged families gathered to find time to talk with their children, even when it became challenging. ‘Make time and space for them -this is just another way to share your love,’ she said.

‘Support them in all that they do, encourage them in good things, laugh and cry and love your children.’

To the youngsters, she said: ‘Share your stories with your parents, get them involved, seek their blessings and support -remember they were your age once.’

Ms Jackson also acknowledged Governor Jack for his support as patron during his tenure with the programme by presenting him with a gold pin. ‘It was certainly reassuring to know that you stood behind us, encouraging and supporting through all the years,’ she said.

To the first chairman of the award’s committee John Jefferson Sr, Ms Jackson presented a golden pin for his commitment and dedication to the programme in its early stages.

The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is a pilot award scheme for boys started in 1956, with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh as chairman.

The scheme was established in the Cayman Island in the late 60’s through the efforts of the late Commander Loftus Peyton-Jones.

At that time he revealed how the scheme could work together with the Girls’ Brigade and the boys Scouts Association which had already been establish in Cayman.

John Jefferson Sr was appointed as the first chairman of the Cayman committee.

The first group of Dukers was formed from the West Bay Girls’ Brigade.

Duke of Edinburgh Awards recipients


Jose Ardila, Manuel Gonzales, Khari King Willie Cruz, Mia Burke, Victoria Myles, Christopher Courtis, Matthew Courtis, Kyle Farrington, Saneata Smith, Ryan Reed, Kyle Parsons, John Tweedie, Alexandra Terry, Emily Sully, Thomas Hanson, Ned Miller, Jorge Zaldivar and James Tweedie.


Cindy Calix, Allison McDonald, Tiphanie Wilmot, Kimberly Carlos, Lottoya Palmer, Stefan Ebanks, Ashvin Murugesu and Adam Jackson.