Today’s Editiorial for October 26: To sue or not to sue

Interesting debate was had in the Legislative Assembly this past week when North Side MLA Ezzard Miller put forth a motion to sue the UK for the millions squandered on fruitless investigations in the Cayman Islands.

While Leader of Government Business and imminent Premier McKeeva Bush said no to the idea based on legal advice, it is good that the idea was raised to clear the good name of the Cayman Islands.

Mr. Miller is quite right in his assumption that the reputation of our country has been tarnished.

According to figures from the Attorney General, the Cayman Islands has spent upwards of $15 million on investigations by the UK of our police and judiciary.

No one involved in those investigations has been found guilty and at a time when our country is hurting financially, we have had to pay for this folly.

While it is now obvious that we won’t seek to address the matter in a court of law – either in the UK or in the Cayman Islands – we believe the country must pick up on Mr. Miller’s advice and seek to find compensation in some form.

It would appear that the conspiracy theorists have something to hang their hat on this time; it looks as though the UK is doing all it can to sully Cayman’s reputation to either make us go independent or ruin us in the global financial sector.

But surely something can be done to help us recoup some, if not all, of the millions of dollars spent on operations Tempura and Cealt.

The international media – specifically in the UK – has had a grand old time mocking us and these silly investigations.

We must find some way to clear our name and get our money back.

We applaud Mr. Miller for bringing this matter to the forefront and to those lawmakers who spoke up in the lengthy debate on the matter.

Yes, something should be done to put an end to the insulting investigations and insults from the Mother Country.

While taking the UK to court either here or there is not a viable option, there must be some other way for us to save face.