Football in Cayman in trouble

I could not agree with Coach Brown any more – the football scene in Cayman is a shamble! Where do you begin? I m an avid fan and I have grand children who are active players.

How can you have unity when the football is not organised by one entity – in this case CIFA. You have the PFL league, you have the High School League. No disrespect but what does CUC know about football?

I have attended some of these games and have left disheartened as the children (not all of them) have no clue about the rules and gets cheered on by the crowd when they take down a player from the opposite team. This is not football, it is not sportsmanship. The refereeing is so poor and biased, and yes I am aware that the referees dedicate their free time. Perhaps they should take up a different hobby and CUC should seriously consider paying some refs that know what they are doing.

You have district coaches… these coaches gets paid by the government and have a responsibility to each district. Now we have CIFA versus the Sports Department. I can bet you a breadfruit that they don’t get on. We have too much of the ‘don’t come and pee in my back yard’ mentality. Hmmm and don’t get me started on these district coaches that are not releasing their players for national training because they don’t like him or her! UNITY? We can’t even get the best players from each district to play together due to this nonsense.

How many of you read and heard all the hoo-ha when CIFA opened up their centre of excellence. They had all the high people from FIFA here; what a disgrace. I went past the centre the other day and the football fields are over grown with weeds and casuarinas. Please explain where the money went and why a corporate sponsor wants to be associated with that? You show such ignorance that you don’t even pretend to keep up appearance. How can anyone be so stupid to give CIFA anything?

I would not give them 50 cents as they have proven it does not benefit the sport nor facilities.

It made me even more depressed when I read the paper the other day that they have created yet another committee – this time they call it technical. Please have a look at the members of this committee. They are paper pushers that you would never see on a football field. If you are heading up a committee at least try to make it look like you actually want progress and not an ‘all boys slapping contest’ – it’s a shambles.

You mention that the administrators should be of highest standards. I will tell you something I heard the other day, which I hope is not true but I fear is true.

Latinos was relegated from the premier division at the beginning of the season. The reason was that they do not develop youth players. They got thrown out and from what I understand not even a warning was given or a grace period where they perhaps could have done something to change their situation. What has now come to my attention is that there are more teams in breach of this policy – teams CIFA is allowing to stay up in the premier division. How can you explain this?

Football in Cayman is corrupted – prove me wrong – I beg of you.

So, Yes! Carl Brown, I can see that you are worried. I am too! I would not like to have your job.

Perhaps it is time to do what they did in your home country; break away and take charge – for the sake and future of football for Cayman.

Roy Ebanks