Point-of-sale terminals arrive

Customers in Cayman have a new way to pay for their purchases. Cayman National’s introduction of point-of-sale wireless terminals allows customers the convenience of mobility when making card payments.

A press release states that merchants can take the point-of-sale devices directly to their customers, for example to diners’ tables in restaurants. Businesses can also use the devices to complete transactions as the time of delivery of service, such as delivery of pizzas or meals.

Several merchants with Cayman National Bank have already received their wireless terminals for processing payments for limousine services, poolside orders, and food deliveries. The bank is offering a fixed monthly payment for unlimited transactions.

The first customer to sign up was Boatswain’s Beach/Cayman Turtle Farm, now processing payments poolside, at restaurant tables and other areas where fixed lines were not available.

‘Cayman National saw the need and took the initiative to introduce this highly convenient service to the business community,’ said Senior Vice President of Card Services Michele Ebanks.

‘This simplifies the payment process for many merchants who have welcomed this invaluable facility. We are proud to have delivered a reliable, convenient product that provides complete mobility.’

For further information contact a merchant service representative at Cayman National Bank.