Tobacco Law isn’t taken seriously

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the Tobacco Law. Actually you might be better off if you did, as you will be breathing second hand smoke for a while longer.

Once again government has delayed the Tobacco Law and once again I question if there is really the political will to see this important law, which is already passed, enacted.

I can see no reason why the regulations are not completed and in place unless it is due to a total lack of will on behalf of our elected politicians, or perhaps the pressure applied by the bar and restaurant owners on these officials.

The bottom line is the health of the people of Cayman is at issue and it is past time for the regulations to put in place and/or the law to be enacted and enforced.

I certainly hope the delays are not taking place in order to water down the bill to accommodate the special interest groups that put personal profit above public health.

If we do not have this Law enacted by the New Year it will be obvious how unimportant the well being of the populace is to our elected officials.

Len Layman