Global cooling welcomed here

Several years ago, I wrote to this newspaper about the ‘science’ of the IPCC and global warming.

As was noted by one of your writers, the IPCC is a political organisation, not a scientific one and their agenda is political, not scientific.

They are desperately trying to force through this agenda, and are using whatever scraps of science that are available to scare us into submission.

Unfortunately for them, the sun and the world’s climate is not cooperating. Low sunspot activity is close to breaking a 100 year record, and low sunspot numbers are linked to ice ages.

True science shows that there have been four ice ages in the last 600,000 years, in which the sea level was up to 600 feet lower than it is now.

The ice cores clearly show that CO2 followed temperature up and down, with a lag of a few hundred years. Yet, the IPCC is telling us the opposite. Who was manipulating the CO2 600,000 y ears ago? That is a question that the IPCC is silent about.

The IPCC tells us that our climate is the warmest ever, but proven historical records show it was much warmer at the Holocene maximum, about 5,000 years ago. In fact, it has never been warmer since. The Roman and Medieval maximums were high, but not as high as the Holocene maximum.

It is the amount of solar radiation that reaches the surface of the earth that determines our climate, and the variation of this is what causes long ice ages with short warm periods in between.

And solar activity, as shown by sunspots, has suddenly changed to the downside, and is about to break a 100 year record.

Our recent cold winters are probably linked to this historic happening. If so, we had better watch out.

I might add that global cooling should be good for the Cayman Islands. Our land area will increase and many more tourists can be expected.

Gerry Miller