Commit to quit

 Okay smokers, rally around.

Just because we have been let down by the government once again when it comes to the implementation of the Tobacco Law doesn’t mean that you need to keep sucking your fags.

Make up your mind now to quit.

The Observer on Sunday coordinator Jan Byrne has taken on the mission herself and in this issue offers several insights on why smokers should quit.

The main reason is that cigarettes are killers, plain and simple.

Too, it’s becoming passé.

If and when the Tobacco Law is ever implemented, it will ban smoking in public places and allow smoking 10 feet away from any public building.

Many bars and restaurants in the Cayman Islands aren’t waiting for the law to take effect; they’ve already banned smoking at their establishments and are seeing an increase in clientele.

To those who have already taken matters into their own hands, we thank you.

Smoking is really a disgusting habit.

It leaves all kinds of dangerous chemicals in your body, takes a toll on your lungs, spikes blood pressure and makes smokers susceptible to all manner of health problems.

The sad fact is that more people still die from lung cancer than any other cancer, even though the health dangers are now well known.

There is also the issue of second-hand smoke. Your friends, family and others around you who don’t smoke don’t really relish breathing in the toxic air that you and your cigarette, pipe or cigar are emitting.

So that makes smoking in public not only disgusting, but rude.

Many of us have seen loved ones die because of years spent inhaling dangerous smoke from lighting up.

What the dead person has left behind are family and friends who wonder why. Smokers who refuse to quit are also being selfish. They are robbing not only themselves of life, but shortening the time their loved ones get to spend with them when they are alive.

Smokers who find themselves in hospital suffering from lung or heart problems because of smoking are also a burden on the health care system and the family members that must attend to them.

There are really no positive reasons to smoke and the sooner the smoking ban is brought in, the better.

But in the meantime if you really want to tackle this nasty addiction, turn to the Health and Lifestyle section of today’s Observer on Sunday and take some tips from Jan.

There are myriad ways and aids to help you in your quest to put down those smokes. All you have to do is make the commitment.

God’s speed.