Holiday make over: Getting your home clean for Christmas

 Over the Christmas holidays most people do more entertaining and with family and friends dropping in you want to make sure that your house is looking its best. Which means you probably need to de clutter and give it a good clean. Just in case you’re tempted  to  take any short cuts, ( you don’t want your mother in law finding dirt behind the toilet bowl),the Observer On Sunday has enlisted the help of   cleaning expert David Ewerse, from Ropers Enterprise, to give you  his  tips on how to get  your whole house sparkling.

The first thing Ewerse says is to write a list of what needs done.”Get a notepad and do a full inspection of your Apartment or house listing all the things you don’t need anymore and do it in every single room and storage space.”

He goes on.  “Once you have established all the unwanted items, not forgetting food stuff in the kitchen cupboards which the sell by date has expired, you can now plan the schedule for the deep cleaning.” He also warns “don’t expect a   deep clean to be done in one day unless you have a team of at least four people!”

So what does a deep clean entail?

A deep clean means that you start from the top of a room i.e. high reach areas and fans and finish at the bottom baseboards.

Plan what you will be doing and make sure you have the correct cleaning supplies and tools.

E.g. If you wipe down walls with the correct solutions you might not need decorate.

It is always best to start from the bedrooms and if you are on multiple levels the highest level and work your way down.

* If possible move furniture from the walls to get to any dirt or dust living behind.

* Dust and clean all fans, ceiling or wall ac vents, and any high ledges in the rooms.

* Remove drapes or curtains for cleaning.

* Blinds should be properly cleaned not just a feather duster passing over, they have to be cleaned row by row.

* All furniture should be dusted cleaned and polished.

* The bed mattress can be steamed cleaned if required.

* All walls should be spot cleaned especially near doorways and around light switches.

* The windows internally should be cleaned including the sills. Externally window cleaning is a must on all windows.

* The floors must be done last. If there is an ensuite bathroom with tiles do this first.  If the bedroom is carpeted do last.

* Floor tiles tend to need a good scrub to get the grout lines looking clean. Carpets should be shampooed and deodorized to get rid of all the dirt and dust. Even if the carpet does not show signs of dirt, there is still dust in these carpets that needs to be removed.

* Deodorizing will give a fresh smell to the room.

*  You have to clean your bathroom before you get to the floor tiles.

* Check for any unfriendly smells and identify carefully if it is the drains or the toilet surround.

* The wall tiles should be cleaned from ceiling to the bath edge or floor depending on your style bathroom.

* All stainless steel or chrome fixtures cleaned and then polished. Sometimes, it takes a toothbrush to get to areas around your fixtures.

* Toilets and toilet seats. A lot of people tend to just clean the front of the toilet bowl forgetting behind. Inside the bowl must show no sign of dirt or lime scale build up.

* Shower curtains should be removed and cleaned. This is a  good time to get a new one if the curtains have not been cleaned properly all year.

Ewerse says remember  “bathrooms should be as clean as your kitchen so make sure it is completely sanitized and know your products as every product serves a different purpose when cleaning bathrooms.”

This is where all the Christmas cooking will take place so make sure it is super clean!

* Start on top of all cupboards and remove dirt, dust and grease. A good degreaser will make this job much easier.

* Empty all cupboards top and bottom and clean inside before putting back only what you really want.

* All appliances must be cleaned especially the oven, which has a large amount of built up grease and dirt. Remember if you warm the oven then spray on the degreaser it dissolves the grease much quicker. You however cannot clean the oven whilst it is on. A good stainless steel polish must be used to polish appliances.

* The refrigerator will be playing an important storage role so get rid of some of the old stuff and clean and sanitize really well. Appliances should be pulled out and behind them cleaned. Kitchen floor tiles tend to be the dirtiest but nothing that can’t be cleaned. Grout line brushes do wonders with the right chemical.

Living Room.
* This is the relaxing area in any house or apartment, unfortunately this is why sofas and the carpet or tiles can get really dirty from food spilling down sofa chairs or drinks.

* All furniture must be pulled out and if possible take the opportunity to change the layout.

* Always remember you start from the top to the baseboards.

* Rugs must be out of the way and cleaned, however if you don’t know the cleaning method for your rug seek advice.

* Electrical equipment invites dust and these must be dusted and wiped accordingly. Always use a lint free cloth to clean electrical appliances.

* The sofas and cushions if not properly maintained will need upholstery cleaning. This is a big job if you don’t have the right equipment and knowledge, so leave this to the experts.

* Leather can be cleaned with leather cleaners and conditioners.

* All glass must be properly cleaned using glass cleaners.

* Unless you have a carpet cleaning machine all you can do is give your carpet a good vacuuming.

If all this sounds too exhausting or you can manage some bits but really do not fancy the rest, remember you can call in the professionals. Cleaning companies like Ropers provide cleaning services as well as specialist services such as upholstery and carpet cleaning. But remember to book early because from November the specialist cleaning services start to get booked up.