Your pet needs grooming too

 Good hygiene is important for all family members, including the furry and fuzzy ones.

When it comes to your dog and cat, grooming isn’t just a beautification process – it is part of good pet healthcare.  Most pets need to have their coats (fur/hair) groomed on a regular basis to prevent skin problems, matting and tangles.  Their nails and teeth should be properly cared for as well.

A matted coat is one of the worst things a pet can endure from lack of grooming, especially in the heat intensified weather that is prevalent in the Cayman Islands.

When a coat is matted, parasites like fleas and ticks, can go unnoticed, posing serious health risks to your pets and to your family. Regular professional grooming can keep fur from being matted, preventing sores and odor problems in dogs and cats particularly

Who should get groomed?
While dogs and cats require regular grooming, approximately every 4-6 weeks…some smaller animals also require grooming such as hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, chinchillas and guinea pigs.  If you feel that your small animal needs to be groomed, consult with your veterinarian or talk to one of the animal specialists at your local pet store.  There are several types of shampoos and cleansing products available for small animals.  Brushing your small animal will not only give your pet a shiny coat, but will provide health benefits as well.  The interaction of brushing your pet helps build the bond between you and your pet and helps make your pet more comfortable when being held.  Any of our in-store pet specialists can assist you with questions you have on your pet’s ideal cleansing routine.

Tips on choosing the right Groomer for your pet:
Ask Questions!  Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the person grooming.  Ask how long they have been grooming animals, ask for references and ask questions relating to the specific grooming process.

It’s also advisable to ask what specialty each groomer has, and if they do better with certain breeds or types of animals.  Create a rapport with your groomer so you are comfortable leaving your furry family member with them.  Make sure the groomer is professional – experienced and is comfortable with your pet.  While your pet may be a bit scared or timid, the groomer should exude a high level of confidence with your animal.  For pets that are too large to transport, or that don’t enjoy rides in the car, look into mobile grooming options so your pet never has to leave home.

Home grooming vs. professional grooming:
Many products are available in local stores for grooming your pet at home.  These are great options for in-between professional grooming appointments.  If you choose to home groom, be sure to always use a shampoo that is specifically made for your animal’s skin.  Using a human shampoo or regular soap on your pet’s skin can cause unnecessary dryness and sores that could lead to infection.