Ross sets the standard again

The holiday weekend was a chance for many people on Cayman to relax.

Much of the sports world was busy as usual with events or building up for them including the world of motorsports.

Last weekend saw Breakers Speedway busy hosting $5 runs. Basically the track was open on Saturday night for any member of the public to race for a mere CI $5.

A handful took advantage of the chance and a few more came out to watch all the action.

However any feeling of letdown should subside as this weekend sees another $5 open run.

Breakers is set to open from 6pm until about 10pm on Saturday. Spectators can once again get in free while racers pay the miniscule competition fee.

Leading into this weekend the track has been the site of much action.

In addition to last weekend a Halloween drag meet was held on Halloween night two weeks ago.

The highlight of that race was West Bayer Dante ‘Ross’ Hydes re-setting the motorbike record and the mark for lowest time by a local driver.

Hydes ran a time of 6.112s at 118mph to etch his name in the record books once again.

He would win the motorcycle class on the night, besting Chris Moore’s alleged 350hp Suzuki 1000 which ran a time of 6.720s.

The meet produced 36 racers in all running across seven, eight and nine second classes with the motorbike category tossed in.

With some 300 people passing through the night Breakers was a hub of activity and excitement as three men stole the show.

Ian Tibbetts won the seven second class in his Chevy Corvette, Larry Lewis claimed victory in the eight second class with his green Chevy Camaro and Floyd Anderson (a newcomer on the scene) won the nine second class in his Evo IV.

Tibbetts beat Kenrick Baker in his Evolution III, Lewis took down Tony Brown and his Chevy Camaro and Anderson took down Andre Christian (known to most music lovers as ‘Kmnite’) in his four-door Honda Integra.

Breakers Speedway Owner Robert Campbell felt the meet went well.

‘The event went off very well. It was very organized and the guys had an excellent racing track surface thanks to visiting drag racer Billy Moffitt.’